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  It is hard to kick the habit of smoking, but herbal cigarettes will help you by gradually reducing tobacco intake while keeping the satisfying smoking process. It’s not just tobacco and nicotine intake that makes quitting hard but it is also the "hand to mouth motion". People have hard time quitting as they cannot stop the habit of "hand to mouth motion" associated with smoking. Also, for a daily smoker, cigarette smoking becomes part of daily routine and proves to be extremely diffucult to change the habit right away. allows for a gradual change which eventually can lead to absolute quitting.

With you still have the hand to mouth motion; you still light up; you still smoke, yet without tobacco and nicotine  ntake.






           【Chinese name】:茶烟

      【Product name】:Tea Smoke ,herbal cigarettes

      【Also known as】:Tea Cigarettes, Tea Cigarette,Tea Tobacco,herbal cigarettes

      【 Specifications】:20 cigarettes = 1 pack     10 packs = 1 carton

      【Main ingredients】: Tea, honey, chrysanthemum , mint,etc

      【The difference】: a non-tobacco product, no tobacco,no nicotine, no tar, a substitute for tobacco


      【Usage】:Smoking, tea, control smoking, replace cigarettes,quit smoking and as a gift to others



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                 3、The packaging is changed frequently, subject to the latest packaging.

                 4、We advise our customer order quantity not less than one month traditional cigarette using.   












                                                                                                               What is tea smoke?                      

               Tea smoke, also known as tea cigarettes, tea cigarette, tea tobacco, that is, tobacco is replaced with tea. It does not contain nicotine and ta

           It is not addictive. It can replace cigarettes, control smoking and reduce addiction. It is an effective smoking cessation device and the best

           choice for old smokers. Tea cigarettes also can be used to make tea and have detoxification effects. In addition, it is beautifully packaged and

           can be used as a good gift to express your concern.


                                                                                         How to Smoke Tea Cigarette Correctly?

             Just like ordinary cigarettes, light up and smoke.The first time you smoke tea cigarette, just like you smoke another brand of cigarette, you may

          not like it, need some time to accept this.Because it's natural, nicotine-free, tar-free.It will help you quit smoking.If you need to smoke in

          business, make friend, reduce stress smoke tea cigarettes is a healthy choice.


                                                                                           How does tea smoke taste?                      

             The main ingredients of tea tobacco are tea, honey, chrysanthemum, and some also add rose,mint and so on. 100% tobacco free, 100% nicotine

         free.A taste that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you switch from tobacco. The smell is also modest. Supports stress-free smoking

         cessation! No additives such as combustion accelerators or preservatives are added.Some people will not be used to smoking tea cigarette for

         the first time, just like the smokers who change a new cigarette brand will have a period of time to adapt. Novice smoking tea cigarette can consider adding cigarette pops beads, can adjust the taste!